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Convenient Customer Wi-Fi

The airGatewayseamlessly bridges airMAX®connectivity
to Wi-Fi for client devices at the customer’s location.

Remote Management

Use the airOS®Configuration Interface to
provision the airGateway, monitor its
configuration and restrict/enable customer management.

Sleek Mechanical Design

The airGatewayfeatures an innovative design
that interlocks with an existing airMAX®PoE

High-Performance Wi-Fi

Designed for performance and reliability, the airGatewaydelivers
Wi-Fi connectivity with 99.9% uptime.

Compact Form Factor

The airGatewayis available in two models: the
standard model with an internal antenna and the
airGateway-LR model with an external, high-gain antenna for
extended range.

Installing the airGatewayfor Indoor Wi-Fi


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