airFiber Multiplexer AF-8×8 for AirFiber AF-5X

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Scalable multiplexer AF-MPx8 combines four airFiber-5X radios on a single dish antenna for superior noise immunity performance, redundancy and throughput up to 2Gbps.

Precise GPS Synchronization

Using a common GPS timing reference, the airFiber X radios work cohesively to deliver powerful, multi-Gigabit bridging performance for PtP links.

Mounting Versatility

The airFiber 8×8 Multiplexer can be attached to most 5 GHz airFiber X or RocketDish™ antenna models. For any other antenna configuration, you can mount the airFiber 8×8 Multiplexer on a pole.

Paired with the EdgePoint for Superior Performance

The EdgePoint™ provides powerful configuration features, including radio-link load balancing and advanced reliability for optical fiber deployments.

Reduced Tower Costs

Multiple airFiber 5X radios mounted on a single dish antenna maximizes throughput and capacity in a clean, compact tower footprint, minimizing tower costs.

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