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Wireless bridge links add capacity to any network and provides an inherently flexible and scalable
alternative to expensive fiber or low data rate leased lines – and can be installed in a fraction of the time.
Wireless bridge applications
Typical wireless bridge applications can vary in requirements and in environments. We have listed a few below;
Connecting two or more buildings together to provide a single network
To install a CCTV network
To obtain high speed connectivity
Where connecting multiple sites with leased lines is not an option
To replace leased lines with a lower cost of ownership alternative
To provide a temporary site link
To have a disaster recovery link in mission critical networks
Opting for a wireless bridge link
The benefits of choosing to install a wireless link to Complete packaging your project out ways leased lines in many ways and not limited to;
Significantly cuts operational expenditure
Carrier-class reliability with 99.999% uptime
Secure connection with AES encryption
Overcomes environmental barriers
Upgradeable speeds
Licenced and un-licenced air for guaranteed spectrum consumption
Choosing to work with DigitalAir Wireless
Their are many practical reasons to work with DIIT on your project over your general IT supplier and some of them being;
Dedicated and certified account manager
Free link planning and consultation
Fast roll out and installation
24 hour help desk support
Next business day hardware replacement
Fully trained and certified engineers – No outsourcing
Seen as a safe pair of hands by the manufactures
More wireless expertise than any other wireless integrator in the SA

DIIT installs only the leading edge wireless point to multi point bridging solutions on
the market today. Wireless Point to multi Point networks are perfect for the following
situations: Connecting multiple buildings together Video Surveillance and CCTV Networks
High-Speed local or wide area corporate networks Leased line or fiber replacement

A fully mesh network delivers a self-configuring, scalable, and self-healing
wireless network. Each mesh node will have redundant links to other mesh nodes
which creates the inherent redundancy.
Mesh networks are great for large outdoor environments as they can scale to many kilometres.
As wireless becomes critical to the core of a business, outdoor wireless mobility has an
increasingly significant role in the overall success of an organization. Outdoor
wireless solutions must perform at the same high level that traditional wired and indoor wireless networks do.
Outdoor wireless networks must also support a unique set of requirements, including:
Mitigation of RF interference for enhanced performance
New levels of security, performance protection, and policy enforcement Low maintenance costs
Tight integration with existing networks